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The purpose of this article is to introduce myself and the blog in its entirety. In addition, I would like to go over my experience so far within the I.T. world and invite you on this journey of mine. Over time, I hope to go from not knowing much about cybersecurity to landing my first cybersecurity job and beyond within my career!

About Me (In finer detail…):

For those of you poking around on my site, you can definitely see an “about me” section there, but I wanted to keep that as evergreen as possible. Not out of laziness but wanting to keep things as neat as possible.
Here I’ll go over the professional details of myself and how the heck I became so fascinated with cybersecurity in the first place.

First of all, my name is James Miller III. I currently have my Bachelor’s in Information Systems over at Purdue Fort Wayne. Even as I got the degree at P.F.W., it is fully considered a Purdue degree. Not long after that, I landed my first I.T. gig in a nearby town. Then, wanting more, I decided I was going back to school before. But unfortunately, that was right before the pandemic hit.

I am still attending school and have been promoted at work. I recently started this blog to document my time learning and teaching cybersecurity.
One day, I hope to land an entry-level role within cyber security (either being an Incident Responder or a S.O.C. Analyst) and then obtain a pen testing role.
The reason why I want to be in cybersecurity is twofold: I love helping people, and I want to solve problems. The joining of these two ideals makes cybersecurity an opportunity for me.

However, I also want to help people get into this industry. I’ve often seen this that people think they are incapable of doing this because they are not smart enough or don’t have access to expensive equipment. Well, I’ll let you in on a tiny secret about anything computers/cybersecurity/anything in life.

Anyone can do it.

Yes. You. You can do whatever it is that you put your mind to. It’s not just a saying that Disney slaps onto a Pixar movie to make it a feel-good moment. Anyone can indeed do it. Personally, with enough time and effort, I hope that I can inspire you to at least be a bit more curious and maybe even follow along with me as I work my way towards my career goals.
So grab a computer, pour yourself a drink of choice, and let’s begin…


This sounds great and all, but how often are you going to post?
I will try to post as often as I can when I can learn more material and present it in a way that allows anyone to enjoy/follow along.

Does this mean that you will no longer write those horror stories that we’ve heard on The Grey Rooms?
No. I will still write for The Grey Rooms when my busy schedule allows me to. However, as an I.T. professional, I feel that those that do something outside of I.T. to better themselves or make themselves more well rounded make for the better professionals, in my opinion.

Can you hack [REDACTED] for me?
No. No. A thousand times no.

But what if I have no idea what I’m doing?
I will definitely be going over the basics to help out just about anyone along for this journey.

Wait, I thought your name was Tori?
Tori is my preferred name as I identify as non-binary (any pronouns are acceptable). I also hope to help bring marginalized voices to the table and strengthen our industry through diversity within my cybersecurity journey.




A cyber security student/researcher currently working on bettering their understanding of all things IT and cyber security.

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James Miller III

James Miller III

A cyber security student/researcher currently working on bettering their understanding of all things IT and cyber security.

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